Sensual Massage Manual: Why Your Husband Comes to Me por Sandra Sutton

January 22, 2020

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Titulo del libro: Sensual Massage Manual: Why Your Husband Comes to Me
Autor: Sandra Sutton

Sandra Sutton con Sensual Massage Manual: Why Your Husband Comes to Me

Are you tired of giving your partner the same old massage and looking for creative ideas to rev it up?Have you read every book on Sensual Massage and think there is nothing new to do?Do you want the Secrets and Trademark Moves of a leading Sensual Massage Therapist with over 10 years experience?Are you ready to have your partner melt in the palms of your hands?In this Innovative Guide to Sensual Massage, you will learn to perform the Booby Glide, Hot Bun Rock, Pillar Ceremony and many more. Sandra injects a little humor and fun into your Sensual Session. Practice makes Perfect and with these New and Entertaining Moves your partner will be more than ready to help you perfect them. Sensual Massage Manual Vol.1 is the new, updated version to a fun filled pleasurable evening. You may be surprised at what a really good sensual massage entails. This Guide to Erotic Fun was written first hand from an expert Tantric Massage Therapist in an engaging, easy to read manner. You will be knocking your partners socks right into the next County!.As an added bonus, Sandra shares witth you email renditions from clients that let you know what is really on their minds and what they really want! And she lets you know what is going on in her mind with the different requests. Sandra Sutton moved from England at an early age and gets her midwestern roots from lhe Windy City of Chicago. Sandra is a Graduate from a Major Massage School and relates how her massage evolved and increased in it's therapeutic value. She now travels the United States teaching her caring brand of sensual massage to women.of all ages.

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